Migrate, modernize, and innovate with the modern SQL family of cloud database services.

Windows Server & SQL Server on Azure

Windows Server in the cloud with Azure

Windows Server on Azure offers a robust and flexible solution for businesses seeking reliable cloud-based infrastructure. Leveraging Azure’s global network of data centers, Windows Server provides scalable computing power, storage, and networking capabilities tailored to the specific needs of enterprise workloads. With features such as Azure Virtual Machines, organizations can quickly deploy Windows Server instances, ensuring high availability and seamless integration with existing on-premises environments.

Furthermore, Windows Server on Azure offers enhanced security features, including Azure Active Directory integration, advanced threat detection, and encryption capabilities. This ensures that sensitive data remains protected both in transit and at rest. Overall, Windows Server on Azure empowers businesses to modernize their IT infrastructure, improve operational efficiency, and scale resources dynamically to meet evolving business demands.

Experience SQL innovation on Azure

Migrate, modernize, and innovate with the modern SQL family of cloud database services. Meet your mission-critical requirements up to five times faster, with costs up to 93% less than SQL Server on AWS RDS.

Migrate SQL Workloads

Migrate to SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines and keep complete SQL Server compatibility and OS-level access.

Modernize existing apps

Modernize SQL applications at scale and at your own pace on the fully managed Azure SQL Managed Instance.

Build AI ready apps

Support modern SQL cloud applications on Azure SQL Database with serverless compute and Hyperscale storage.

Extend apps to the edge

Extend your applications to IoT edge gateways and devices for real-time insights with Azure SQL Edge.