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About Xpress

Since 1988

Mumbai’s Premier IT solutions provider for thousands of SMB and education customers

Xpress is a leading Microsoft Certified and a cloud solutions partner, offering Modern business IT solutions with Microsoft 365 and Azure. Xpress also offers complete IT solutions including IT systems, networking, storage and security, backed with great IT support for your IT infrastructure.
Over the years, We have been consistently been ranked as one of the premier IT solutions providers in India. This is amply demonstrated by the numerous awards we have received for our IT solutions and services offerings. Click on the link below for some of the notable ones.


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We excel in delivering optimal solutions.

IT Hardware
Systems, networking, firewalls & other IT hardware still remain our core offerings to meet our customers’ business and IT needs.
Software licensing
We offer the full range of Microsoft licensing solutions to take care of your software requirements.
Service & support
Xpress offers AMC contracts for all brands of PCs, Notebooks, Servers and covers the entire IT infrastructure including networks, firewalls, cloud subscriptions and more.

Since 1988, Our customers largely comprising of SMB and education customers, love working with Xpress because of our excellent support and experienced IT team.


How our services bring about success