CEO and founder of Xpress, Chetan Shah

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Being the CEO and founder of Xpress, Chetan Shah started this company at the age of 19, while studying in Sydenham college, Mumbai. Since then, he has steered his company from a small system builder to becoming a well-known systems integrator offering wide range of products & solutions & employing over 45 people.
Since starting in 1988, Chetan has built Xpress to be a process driven & highly customer focused company, adapting fast to the changing needs of his customers & driving technology & business innovations at Xpress. Chetan has always taken a leading role in the IT industry and served in various forums, associations and groups on their boards.

Intel Board of Advisors

Xpress CEO – Chetan shah headed the Intel Board of Advisors (APAC) for over 8 years and worked closely with Intel to shape marketing & support offerings in APAC

8 Years

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The Bike Life

Chetan is also a long distance cyclist, raking thousands of kms on his bike every year. He is the president of Mumbai Cycling enthusiasts – one of the largest cycling groups in the world with over 22000 members.