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AMCs and FMs

Make your life easier with help from Xpress

Xpress offers AMC contracts for all brands of PCs, Notebooks, Servers and covers the entire IT infrastructure including networks, firewalls, cloud subscriptions and more.
Step forward to become one of 8000 successful clients of Xpress and get in the front line for the most complete & prompt support.
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We stand out for some reasons.

Xpress offers support for hundreds of systems across Mumbai. We employ remote support, cloud & other systems to ensure that your business is not down.

Xpress Assist

Xpress Assist guarantees instant support at all working hours on every system we cover

Our Support

Xpress support available Guaranteed on same or next business day

Our Team

Team of Microsoft, Intel & other experts available for Windows servers, Windows 10, networks, firewalls, security and more

Our support offerings

Annual Maintenance Contracts for all brands of PCs and Laptops

Facilities Management Services for Efficient IT management

Premium Support for all brands of servers with minimum downtime

Platinum support for network, storages, firewalls WIFI and more