Xpress AWS Solutions for Startups

Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Startups

Grow your startup with AWS

Are you an ambitious startup looking to make a mark in the digital landscape? Xpress offers specialized AWS solutions to empower startups with the tools they need to succeed. Here’s how we can assist you:

For over 15 years, AWS has helped more startups launch, build, and succeed than any other cloud provider. Since launching in 2013,

Millions of customers, including thousands of the fastest-growing startups, use AWS to build fast, keep costs low, and prove what’s possible.

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Innovation powered by AWS

Largest community

AWS has the largest and most dynamic community, with millions of active customers every month and more than 100,000 partners from 150+ countries.

Most functionality

AWS has more services and features, than any other cloud provider, making it faster, easier and more cost effective to build nearly anything you can imagine.

Most secure

Trusted by the most high-sensitivity organizations, AWS is architected to be the most secure cloud computing environment available today.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Xpress leverages AWS's Infrastructure as Code capabilities to provide you with automated provisioning, management, and monitoring of your cloud infrastructure. This allows you to focus on developing your product while we take care of the backend.

Cost Optimization

As a startup, cost efficiency is crucial. Xpress helps you optimize your AWS costs by identifying opportunities for resource consolidation, rightsizing, and leveraging AWS cost optimization tools.

DevOps Enablement

Xpress enables startups to implement DevOps practices seamlessly, leveraging AWS services like AWS CodePipeline, AWS CodeBuild, and AWS CodeDeploy. This ensures faster development cycles, improved collaboration, and higher-quality deployments.