Xpress Security and Anti-Virus Solutions

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Today, an increasing number of companies have their data residing on Servers, PCs & other storage appliances. This data is always vulnerable to leakage or misuse. Xpress offers world-class security solutions and services, including consulting – to help select the right security solutions such as…

  • Unified threat management – Firewall and more…
  • End Point Security
  • Centralized Anti-Virus Solution

Xpress also offers Symantec antivirus solutions in Mumbai – deployment & custom setup of these securities.

Unified Threat Management (UTM)

UTM refers to a comprehensive security product that includes protection against multiple threats. A UTM appliance typically includes a firewall, virtual private network, gateway anti-virus, anti-spam, web content filtering, intrusion detection & threat_magntprevention, as well as centralized management, monitoring and logging capabilities in a single integrated package.

Apart from being an all-in-one solution – the other principal advantages of UTM are simplicity, streamlined installation and use, and the ability to update all the security functions concurrently. As the nature and diversity of Internet threats evolves and grows more complex, UTM products can be tailored to keep up with them all.

Some of the well-known UTM vendors include Cyberoam, Sonicwall, Astaro, WatchGuard, Fortinet, etc. with varying feature sets and capabilities.

End Point Security

Endpoint systems are increasingly vulnerable to security threats to the point that they’ve become the weakest link in the security posture of organizations and Internet users. Client-side exploits and phishing attacks, SPAM, virus, worms, rootkits, keyloggers, distributed denial of service (DDoS) agents and other malware are a present and real security threat that point at the need for an effective endpoint security solution.

End-point-security is an information security concept that basically means that each device (end-points such as PC and Laptop) is responsible for its own security. Today, malware detection and removal, SPAM and pop-up blocking, protection against exploitation of software flaws, has all converged at the endpoint.

Simple forms of endpoint security include personal firewalls or anti-virus software that is distributed and then monitored and updated from the server. The term is evolving, however, to include security elements such as intrusion detection and prevention, anti-spyware software, etc. More complex endpoint security programs use network access control to grant authentication and specific forms of access to user devices. Devices that do not match the corporate policy are given limited access or quarantined.

Some of the well-known Endpoint Security vendors include Cyberoam, Symantec endpoint protection, McAfee, etc.

Centralised Anti Virus Solution

In a networked environment, a centralized antivirus server should always be deployed and all the workstations should have the corresponding antivirus client. It is recommended that all these clients be configured from the central antivirus server for routine tasks such as updating of antivirus signatures, scheduled scanning of the client workstations. The management of the client workstations should be done centrally from the antivirus server in order to have a centralized monitoring of all the activities. Almost all the major vendors have the corporate or enterprise version of their Anti-virus software. Symantec antivirus , McAfee antivirus solutions, Trend-Micro, eScan, AVG, Quick-heal, are to name a few that has the centralized AV management capabilities.